These maps* show where we stayed overnight and our routes on our 2018 tour. You can also find out about how we got on in our review of the year.

March 2018: Leg 1

  • We travelled quickly down through France towards Biarritz on the West Coast, then continued through Western Spain towards Portugal. It didn’t stop raining apart from our day off in Biarritz!
  • We took our time travelling through Portugal from South to North. Then spent some time in Northern Spain – hence lots of pins on the map. This bit took about two and a half months.
  • In Spain we damaged the Elf so we made our way back to the UK to get the repairs assessed, arriving back in June.

July 2018: Leg 2

  • We set off again and this time headed for Scandinavia, via Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. We wanted to be in Norway for the summer months so we didn’t spend long in these countries on this leg.
  • In Belgium only 2 days after we set off, the clutch went, so we had a few days of delay getting it fixed.
  • In Southern Sweden, our fridge packed up (during the heatwave), so we had to hang around for 10 days to find a garage, wait for the part to arrive and get it fixed.
  • Then we hammered it up the Eastern coast of Sweden to make up for lost time – notice the pins are very far apart ! This is the quickest and easiest route to Northern Norway.

  • Once we reached Norway, we slowed down and began to spend time exploring.
  • By mid August, the weather forecast wasn’t great so we cut our losses and headed South. Southern Norway would have to wait for another trip. We wanted to get to Slovenia for the last of the sunshine in the early Autumn.
  • We got the ferry from Trelleborg in Sweden to Rostock in Germany and drove South through Germany over the space of a few weeks.
  • We then went through Austria, over the Alps and reached Slovenia, where we had a happy week or so.
  • We skimmed the top of Italy, heading west to France and spent a bit of time soaking up the last warm rays of the sun in October, before heading North through France towards the colder weather and eventually the UK.

*The maps are not clickable as I haven’t worked out how to do this.

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